Tuesday, January 6, 2009

God of This City

I hear a lot of songs that do nothing for me, and God of this City is one of them. But I had an opportunity to see Chris Tomlin explain this song in concert and it clicked. I developed a picture in my mind of people in every city in the world looking to do God's work in that city, and how the work of each Christian where they are at could have a profound cumulative effect for the Gospel throughout the world.

So this week we are introducing "God of This City." I hope you are blessed by this song and are praying for God to reveal how you are to be used in your city.

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karla said...

I had quite the opposite first reaction from you. It brought tears (shocking) as I kept thinking of North Mpls and the shootings, drugs, gangs and then backlit against the amazing ministry that is happening there. God can bring about a revival. That song increased my prayers for the city, and is one of the reasons I love to live there.